The Premium Poodle Package is our all-inclusive package...we consider it to be our "neo starter kit." Our Premium Poodle Package contains all the classic items every neo needs and just a bit more so they can over do it with the true neo fashion! (you've seen it and we've all done

Premium Poodle Package

SKU: 1922PPP1
  • Premium Poodle Package ($230 value) 

    • Rhoyalty Hoodie
    • Classic Letter Shirt
    • Drawstring Bag
    • EE-Yip Cup
    • Poodle Keychain
    • Plush Yellow Rose
    • Shield Notebook & Founding Year Pen set
    • Shield Pin
    • Satin "Pretty Poodle" Hat
    • Shield Medallion
    • Popsocket (choice of Poodle Paw or Founding Year)
    • gift bag
    • complimentary gift 

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