Gift Packages

Our Greeks on The Yard gift packages are sure to make your new members feel welcome and add to the excitement of such a memorable day! Our gift packages are also perfect for current members as anniversary, birthday, and appreciation gifts or any other occasion! Allow us to take all the stress out of finding gifts for your new (and current) members. No need to piece your gifts together when we have everything you need in our gift packages...including the gift bag!

Coming Soon Neon Light

Premium Poodle Package

The Premium Poodle Package is our all-inclusive package...we consider it to be our "neo starter kit." Our Premium Poodle Package contains all the classic items every neo needs and just a bit more so they can over do it with the true neo fashion! (you've seen it and we've all done

Coming Soon Neon Light

Premier Poodle Package

Our Premier Poodle Package is our second largest package. Offers all the "must-have" new member items. Arrives in a gift bag.

Perfect Poodle Package

Perfect Poodle Package

Our Perfect Poodle Package offers essential classic items at the perfect price. Perfect option for new and current members who want to add to or update their paraphernalia collection.


Petite Poodle Package

The Petite Poodle Package offers our smallest items but delivers large on style! Great for birthdays, graduation, sorority induction or any holiday. Great things come in small packages!